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Eagtac G25C2

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Introducing the G25C2 user interface

Easy and Trusty operation
Switch on and off:
Turn on the light by pressing the tailcap button until it clicks. Slightly press for momentary on/off.

Switching between output
Twist the head to select between four output levels. You can pre-selected output level before turning on the light.

Cycle through auxiliary modes
Tighten the head (1st level), and loosen to 3rd (or 4th level) and then tighten the head within one second to enter auxiliary setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loosen the head to quit.

Other powerful features
G25C2 comes with two pre-defined modes. Tactical mode (factory default/mode 1) includes Hi/Lo brightness levels and two strobe output for tactical use. Regular mode (mode 2) includes four well separated brightness level for general use. To toggle between modes, dial to 2nd output level and turn the flashlight on and off for 20 times.

Tail strobe feature (off by default): With this enabled, you can access strobe output at the tailcap switch button . To enable (or disable) this function (disable from factory), dial to 1th level and turn the flashlight on and off 20 times (one second or less between each click). With the tailcap strobe setting enabled, double pressing the switch button (within one second) will activate the strobe output.

Energy saving feature (on by default): G25C2 reduces output by 24% after 200 seconds at turbo mode. With this feature turned off, turbo output will be reduced by only 9% after 200 seconds at turbo mode. To toggle this feature, dial the head to 4th level and turn the flashlight on and off for 20 times. Once setting has been changed, LED will output 3 seconds at 100% (enable), or 1 second at 100% (disable).

Reliability that you can count on
We design this circuit to survive the toughest torture environment including: 1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test w/ minimal cooling, 2) over input voltage test of up to 13.5V, 3) over-driven output current test of up to 3.7A, and 4) high temperature duration test.

Our experienced electronic engineers ensure all components are working at its maximum efficiency and highest stability with the optimally planned and implemented circuit pcb layout. All chosen electrical components in this circuit design have good amount of headroom to ensure high stability in long term usage.

Inside the C3300 Extreme
This highly efficient synchronous buck current regulated circuit controls the precious amount of current that goes through the LED at all output levels. This results in constant brightness output regardless of LED variation, battery voltage, and temperature change. The Low EMI management and quick soft-start design provide clean electricity for the circuit and LED to enhance their service life.

Our synchronous buck converter is more technologically advanced and compact than regular buck converter. It also allows more board space for our exceptionally low DCR mosfets, rugged & shielded power inductor, and low ESR tantalum capacitors. This together leads to very high efficiency and low dropout voltage which allows single 18650 to regulate at turbo for most of the runtime.

Excellent runtime and flat regulation
G25C2 runs for 90+ hours on its lowest brightness level. The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without flicking.

At highest brightness level, G25C2 current regulates for 1 hour using two EAGTAC CR123A batteries. With two 3100mAh 18650 batteries (using 4 cells body extender) you get about 2.7 hours of runtime on high (1.9 hours with energy saving feature turned off).

The current regulation control method allows the just right of amount of current going through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED variation, and temperature change.

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