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12V LED RV/Boat Lightbulb, 1142 (BA15D) Dual Contact / Inline Bayonet

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SHIPPED the same day you order from INSIDE the USA! Free shipping on 3 or more bulbs!
Our bulbs are not the cheaply made poor quality commonly found on Ebay and other sites from China. Each bulb is made for a TRUE voltage range of 12-24 volt systems and have the high quality Epistar chips.

Most cheaply made bulbs state they are for 12 volt systems. Your 12 volt system is fully charged well over 12 volts to at least 12.7 up to 13.3 volts. Cheaper bulbs become hot at these voltages and the individual diodes will discolor and eventually fall off when the solder reaches its melting point around 370 degrees F failing well before 40,000 hours.

Don't settle for dim battery draining standard incandescent bulbs!Save more and get free shipping with these warm or cool white direct replacement LED bulbs for your RV or Boat. They use 10x less (about 80% less) battery power than the standard factory lights coming in at only .25 (that's point 2.5) amps in 12 volt when the same standard bulb is over 2 amps . Ten of these bulbs will draw approximately the same power from your batteries as ONE standard bulbd and provide cleaner light. These replacements are the easiest way to run your lights in the boat or RV much longer before running a noisy generator. The warm white LED gives off similar color of as a regular lamp bulb in your home. Cool white bulbs provide a light similar to flouresent lights and can be helpful in outdoor lights or over the kitchen area. 
  • 345 lumens, 1142 Base (15mm) Tower Replacement LED Bulb
  • Applications include 12 Volt DC recreational vehicles and boats or other "off grid" 12-24 volt applications
  • all 1156/1142/1157 bulbs measure 44mm tall and 19.48 mm wide overall (base 22mm tall and 15mm wide)
  • Beam pattern : 360 degree viewing angle eliminates hot spots maximizing assembly housing illumination.
  • Color Temperature : 3000-3200 K Warm White and 9000 K Cool White
  • 24 High Power 5050 SMD LEDs
  • 3 Power Watts
  • 60,000 hour life expectancy and last many times longer than standard light bulb 
  • Replaces Stock Bulb Number: 1056, 1076, 1142, 68, 9

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