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100 Watt Off Grid Cabin Complete Kit with 10 Amp Waterproof PWM Controller

  • $399.99

With our high efficient Sunpower panels and sealed waterproof Controller this kit has what you need to start your off grid life. We guarantee our kit with outperform any other claiming the same wattage. There is a reason Silicon Valley engineers at Sunpower have more than 200 patents. Putting our 10 amp PWM waterproof controller in the mix you will have reliable power in all real world conditions.  

 Don't think you can install it? Think again!

  • Simply install the brackets on our 100 watt panels with the included hardware and mount them to a roof or other structure.
  • Feed the bare end of the extension wire through the roof pass through
  • Secure the roof pass through with any standard roof caulk 
  • Crimp the bare ends with included heat shrink connectors to the positive and negative terminals on the charge controller
  • Snap the mc4 connections together from the panels to the extension ends
  • Attach the battery wire to the positive/negative terminals on the battery side of the charge controller
  • Connect the battery wire to your battery or battery bank
  • Connect your choice of Inverter to the battery if you want to power 110 appliances (wall outlets)
  • Enjoy unlimited free power anywhere in the world!

Learn why our Sunpower panels outperform!

100 Watt Kit inclides:

  • 100 Watt Overlandsolar panels made with Sunpower Cells
  • 2X Color Coded 10 ft 10 AWG extension wires (MC4 connections on Solar Panel Side
  • Double Waterproof Roof Pass Through Gland
  • Overlandsolar 10 amp PWM waterproof Solar Controller
  • 10 foot 10 AWG wire with fuse and battery terminals for battery connection

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