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12 Volt Dual Color G4 Base Led

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Don't settle for dim battery draining standard bulbs! Save more and get free shipping with these warm white direct replacement LED bulbs for your RV or Boat. They use 10x less (about 80% less) battery power than the standard factory lights coming in at only .16 (that's point 16) amps in 12 volt when the same standard bulb is over 2 amps . For a real world example I replaced all 10 bulbs in my RV with my bulbs. I can now have ALL 10 of these lights on using the same power as ONE of the old standard bulbs while getting better warm light and far less heat! These replacements are the easiest way to run your lights in the boat or RV much longer before considering generators or solar panels. The warm white LED gives off the same color of light as a regular bulb (for bright white see my other listings). These are the bulbs I have in my own RV. See photos showing power draw and light differences from your old bulb to these efficient lights!

· 150 lumens, G4 Base Tower Replacement LED Bulb

· Applications include 12 Volt DC recreational vehicles and boats


· Beam pattern : 120 degrees · Color Temperature : 3000-6000K Warm White/cool white dual

· 9 High Power 5050 SMD LEDs (3 cool white on 1st setting or 6 warm white at second setting)

· 1.7 Power Watts

· 60,000 hour life expectancy. Last many times longer than standard light bulb ·


bulb measures 39mm tall including base pins and 28mm wide (12mm deep)

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