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160 Watt Semi-flexible Sunpower Gen 3 panel

  • $389.99

Our new semi-flexible panel packs a whopping 160 watts into our smallest surface yet due to the Sunpower Maxeon Gen 3 cells at 22X60 inches. When space and weight are important factors you cannot do better than this panel.

At 23.7% median efficiency, these Sunpower Gen 3 cells have the highest crystalline silicon production efficiency in the world. In real world terms, this panel produces almost 30% more power than a standard solar panel with 18.5% efficiency even though both have the same watts. 

On top of the high efficiency, these panels will still perform well even when some cells are shaded and do better in higher heat. 

We also make the 160 with an even thicker ETFE laminate that picks up more sun at even lower angles, chose ETFE in drop down menu


  • 22X58 inches
  • 3mm thick
  • 6 Pounds
  • Pmax 160W
  • 32.76 Voc
  • 27.3 Vmp
  • Isc (A) 6.27
  • Imp (A) 5.86
  • VDC 45 Volts maximum 
  • Pmax 160 Watt