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What is LED and why should I replace my standard RV and Boat bulbs with these bulbs?

Posted by Brian Wurts on

What is an LED?

LED Is a semi-conductor and stands for Light-Emitting Diode. A LED is a solid-state lamp when the switch is turned on energy is released in the form of photons which produces light.

What is an LED Lamp?

A light-emitting diode lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes (LED’s) as a source of light. Since the light output of individual led’s issmall compared to incandescent lamps, multiple diodes are often used together. In recent years, as diode technology has improved, high power LED’s makeit possible to replace other lamps with led lamps. If you leave one traditional incandescent bulb on drawing 2 amps per hour it will easily deplete a standard deep cycle 12 volt battery within 72 hours. Our LED bulbs drawing approximately .2 amps per hour giving off brighter light would stay on for 30 days with the same battery!

The Features and Benefits of LED:

  • Saves Energy LED lights use up to 90% less power than traditional lighting
  • Saves money and time      
  • Saves the environment; less waste and disposal hazards
  • Extremely long life lasting up to 50,000 hours
  • Reduced maintenance costs; Replacement cycle costs are drastically reduced.
  • Better directional lighting; directionality allows for precision lighting with no wasted light.
  • Less pollution: No toxic chemicals like that found in traditional incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting like- arsenic, mercury, lead, carbon dioxide or phosphorous.
  • No UV radiation produces no ultra violet or infrared light.
  • Better visibility; White light has better color rendering. A blue car looks blue under an LED light, not just dark. Warm white mimics the traditional house lamp color with a yellowish warm light nice for living areas in your RV or Boat
  • Durable; breakage and vibration resistance.
  • Instant on; no waiting for the lights to warm up and restart


Do LED’s provide better quality lighting?

Yes, key aspects of lighting quality are the color and appearance you get the benefits of both with our new LEDs.

How long do LED’s last?

LED’s are up to 90% more efficient than incandescent lamps and can last up to 60,000 hours or more than 7 years

Are LED’s cost-effective?

Yes, because LED’s are more energy efficient your alternator won't have to work as hard. last up to 60,000 hours it is important to compare total lamp replacement cost with energy and maintenance cost savings over the expected life of the LED product. If you try to replace your bulb at the dealer it could cost you hundreds of dollars when your light last 10x longer you save those maintenance costs.

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