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About Us

Overland was the result of meeting hundreds of like minded travelers who also had the same problems: an inefficient and unreliable power supply on the go.  

Portable Solar solutions became a passion of mine at a young age.  I grew up on the Puget Sound sailing in the summers and camping the fall.  On the boat, we continually ran into the same problem; not enough power to make it through an entire trip.  When I bought my first small camper at 26, again I saw the lack of engineering in these power systems.  Most RV’s are meant to be ‘plugged-in’ at a campground.  For those of us who detest vacationing in rows of RVs, there had to be a better way to keep the lights on.  

I’ve spent too many hours helping others with their overpriced and underperforming power systems, and I knew I could do it better.  For less money, I’ve found a simple system that does not require drilling through roofs or other specialized electrical installation. will bring you a solar system that is as portable as it is powerful...endless power and freedom.



Brian Wurts
Owner, Overland Solar, LLC