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What can I run with one of these panels?

Posted by Brian Wurts on

I have been getting a lot of emails and calls asking this question. It all depends on how many batteries you have, how many amp hours those batteries provide, and the size of the panel you are charging with. That number is usually printed on the battery. With a good deep cycle battery you can take it below 50% (1/2 the amp hours) but to make them last they should be charged when they reach 50%. When you know your amp hours you can figure how many watts will put those hours back into your system every day. When you...

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Adjustability and Portability is Important

Posted by Kelly Knutson on

Each year I put thousands of miles on my RV and along my travels I have seen numerous variations of solar installation.  I’ve analysed the flaws in the competition and here’s what I’ve determined: Installation is expensive.  To have a solar system professionally installed on your camper or RV will cost thousands of dollars. Installation is difficult.  Not only do you have to drill holes in the roof, the installer must also run wires along the walls of this tight space.  There is an added challenge is to make this look cosmetically decent. The panels are permanently flat!  Flat is...

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